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PhotoProductItem PriceQuantity
Master ECG 2-min ECG Masterclass (original RM197) RM188
Master ABG 2-min ABG Masterclass (original RM67) RM58
Master Inotropes 2-min Inotropes Masterclass (original RM677) RM58
STEMI-min STEMI (original RM25) RM20
Dislocation-min Joints Dislocation (original RM15) RM13
DM-min Diabetes Advanced Masterclass (original RM35) RM30
CTG (Part 1) CTG (original RM15) RM13
Pressure Pressure Ulcer (original RM35) RM30
CT-min CT Brain Masterclass (original RM30) RM25
Brain-min Traumatic Brain Injury (original RM15) RM13
Procedures Surgical Procedures (original RM99) RM88
Inoss Inotropes Webinar (original RM30) RM20
Brain 2-min Secrets Of Your Brain (original RM20) RM10
Ill child-min APLS (original RM15) RM13
Headache-min Headache (original RM20) RM15
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Our Books Collection

PhotoProductItem PriceQuantity
CE Clinical Examination (original RM164) RM159
Paeds-300 copy-min Paediatric Examination (original RM99) RM94
ECG-300 copy-min ECG (original RM99) RM94
Gynae (300x300)-min Gynaecology (original RM149) RM109
Dermato-300 copy-min Dermatology (original RM99) RM94
Pharmaco (300x300)-min Pharmacology (original RM169) RM119
Micro (300x300)-min Microbiology (original RM169) RM119
All Bundles-min Ultimate Combo 4-IN-1 – Clinical Examination + ECG + Paeds + Dermato (original RM456) RM399
Clinical + ECG-min 2-IN-1 Clinical Examination + ECG (original RM258) RM239
Clinical + Dermato-min 2-IN-1 Clinical Examination + Dermato (original RM258) RM239
Clinical + Paeds-min 2-IN-1 Clinical Examination + Paeds (original RM258) RM239
Clinical + ECG + Dermato-min 3-IN-1 Clinical Examination + ECG + Dermato (original RM357) RM328
Clinical + ECG + Paeds-min 3-IN-1 Clinical Examination + ECG + Paeds (original RM357) RM328
Clinical + Paeds + Dermato-min 3-IN-1 Clinical Examination + Paeds + Dermato (original RM357) RM328
Sub Total

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