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Cardiotocography (Full Course)

Fathi Ramly
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This course aim to give you an understanding of Cardiotocograph (CTG).

CTG is an essential tools in the assesment of fetal wellbeing during antenatal period or intrapartum period. It depicts the fetal wellbeing at the point of assesment. Knwoing the abnormal or worrying pattern will help obstetricians or healthcare personel to reduce neonatal morbidity or mortality.

We know that without guidance, correct interpretation cannot be made. Every CTG tracing need to be carefully analysed as it is part of medicolegal subject.

By joining this course, you will be briefed on:

1) overview of CTG

2) hardware component of CTG & its application on mother

3) Basic features of CTG with clear examples

4) Categorising the CTG

5) Systematic interpretation of CTG

6) Why certain abnormalities present (physiology)

7) Management for each different CTG category

8) Several examples for pattern recognition & practise


We hope that you find this course valuable. If you have any comment on the course, or any suggestion for improvement, feel free to contact our respective team through email.


Part 1

  • Introduction:
    • Overview  fetal monitoring
    • Purpose, frequency of monitoring, the importance
  • How CTG works?
  • Hardware of CTG
  • How to apply CTG on pregnant mother
  • Step-by-Step on how to interpret each components/ features of CTG
  • Categorize CTG tracing
  • Be systematic (How to interpret/ present)

Part 2

  • Why abnormal features present?
  • Management following CTG interpretation
  • Pattern recognition & Examples


Course details
Duration ~ 2 Hours
Lectures 6
Video For Students, HOs, MOs
Level Intermediate